Stereo sound junkies from psilocybes to psychosynthesis

Minsoo Kim regards Bryston as an excellent amplifier design. He only disagrees on one thing, being the absence of constant current sources in the differential amplifier input stage. Mr. Kim has proved his point to me. The improvement is undeniable. With all due respect to James Tanner, Christopher Russell, Stuart Taylor, and rest of the great people at Bryston, I think that current sources in the differential input amplifier stage may deserve a second look.

In Leonard Cohen’s most recent studio album,  Popular Problems  (24/96 WAV, Columbia), his voice is closely miked with a lot of reverb added. Through the M-900u the sound was full, present, and bulbous, and enveloped the speaker end of my listening room -- a “wall of sound” in which voices and instruments were delineated in space with laser-sight specificity. In contrast, when I slid the Hegel Music Systems H30 power amplifier ($15,000) into the same system, I heard similar presence from the Cohen album, but not nearly as much space. Ditto for the “depth” behind Sade. But that’s not to slight the H30 --  no  power amp has sounded as spacious in my room as did the M-900u -- even the Simaudio Moon Evolution 870A ($22,000), which is good in that regard.

Stereomojo Review of the Luxman L-505u Integrated Amplifier. STEREO INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER. 100 Watts per channel. RETAIL PRICE $3,500 . Luxman.

The Yamaha YS-7 is a sleek sound bar featuring built-in subwoofers so that it fits neatly in front of your TV, on a shelf or even mounted on a wall while still offering an impressively full range of sound.

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How those mics handled difficult situations was the most impressive thing I saw from the Sonos One. A Sonos rep spoke calmly to the speaker during a loud song, and the volume immediately dropped so he could be heard, then cranked it again after carrying out his command. I've struggled to make myself heard over music using Echo devices hooked up to bigger speakers before, which is an annoying compromise to make for better sound.

Grado says that the SR60is are fine to use with portable players. I agree—but only in a quiet place. Their sensitivity was a bit low for my iPhone (used without a headphone amp). In a reasonably quiet home setting, the volume levels achievable were perfectly adequate, but if you plan to listen on airplanes or in other noisy places, you'll want more volume—or, better, more isolation. Try in-ear 'phones, many of which have been reviewed in Stereophile's pages. They're a better solution than electronic noise reduction.

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Stereo Sound Junkies From Psilocybes To PsychosynthesisStereo Sound Junkies From Psilocybes To PsychosynthesisStereo Sound Junkies From Psilocybes To PsychosynthesisStereo Sound Junkies From Psilocybes To Psychosynthesis