Various - tickling the strings - music of hawaii 1929 - 1952

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Megan cringes as a big pot of warm, soapy water is brought in.  She knows what's coming!  Warm, soapy water + the stiff, black brush = a ticklish foot-cleaning ordeal!  Megan erupts into squeals and cackles as her big, size , meaty soles are scrubbed clean!  We have to make sure we get between the toes, too, so this could take a little while and a lot of laughter!  Squirming soles and wildly wriggling toes try to resist their ticklish cleansing, to no avail!

Everything went fairly quiet after we completed filming. It wasn’t until Sundance, back in January, where I guess things kicked off again.

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Various - Tickling The Strings - Music Of Hawaii 1929 - 1952Various - Tickling The Strings - Music Of Hawaii 1929 - 1952Various - Tickling The Strings - Music Of Hawaii 1929 - 1952Various - Tickling The Strings - Music Of Hawaii 1929 - 1952